Sunday, February 5, 2012

A New Resting Place

I chatted with a jeweler friend /business associate yesterday. He lives a distance away and he hasn’t paid too much attention to Irene or the flood. I had to explain how it is that a flood from August is still very much part of my daily work. Once he grasped the magnitude of what is both different and uncertain here, Andrew was taken aback. How are you able to function in such uncertain circumstances, was his question.

Life is like that at times. I have had a solid three years of one thing after another. One big thing after another with very little rest between the buffeting waves. Sometimes though we prepare ourselves for our lives without even knowing it. Not so long ago, as much as I loved being in water, I did not feel comfortable in over my head. I worked on it. I swam everyday I could and talked myself through my worries, told myself, I can get to shore, I can. And now through all these changing seas, my most restorative respite; water as deep as I can find.

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