Saturday, February 25, 2012

Keeping Company

Today's rock n' tree

Rosie started lifting her leg, not at home but on the trail in the company of all her boy dog friends. Chance lifts his leg higher than any dog I have ever seen. It's a wonder he doesn't wet himself with spray, so it's no wonder Rosie has decided a little leg lift is in order.

Trees that grow on the silted tops of rocks have my respect. They don't have much in the line of normal tree footing but they manage and sometimes they even manage to alter the rock. I have seen roots envelop a boulder, split a boulder and nearly rebury a boulder. I think of a tree altering a boulder like a slow motion magic trick. And I can't but think the trees and their rocks are keeping company across species much like my dog and I. Rosie's roots, thankfully tenacious.

And Mr Chance.

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