Saturday, December 10, 2011

Music to my Ears

Sitting for treats
In the morning or the very late night as it is, the cats run around making noise about 15 minutes before I get out of bed. Lu the calico, has many ways of making noise besides galloping. As this is an old house all doors close themselves. Lu removes the door stop in my bedroom and lets the door slam. Then Lu goes around and pushes the same door open from the other side so that, yup, it slams again. Lu also opens drawers,cabinets and cupboards and empties them. She especially likes the under the kitchen sink trash cabinet.

This morning the cats were completely quiet, completely. It got so that I was concerned. And then a clear ping rang out, like a metal gong had been rung. In case I thought I imagined that, and again, pinnggg. I got up. Lu was sitting on the kitchen table (I know) looking as pleased as could be. It was then that I saw my felt necklace in the dog’s metal water bowl. Apparently my felt necklace, her deft paw and the dog’s water bowl, perfect gong.

I know she thought that was just brilliant and hilarious, I do too.

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