Monday, December 19, 2011

All in good cheer {IPad}

I’ll post real photos of Tim Merrick’s work and write the real blogpost about the work tomorrow. For today I want to talk about the ipad you see in the photo reflection. My old work computer flooded. I replaced it with an ipad to use as both almost a computer and the credit card machine. Everyone loves the ipad. I like it, sortof, sometimes. But intuitive? huh? I shut it off instead of taking a photo, the screen spins and then we can’t stop. I turn it, it turns itself in response to my turning it and on we go. Half the time I can’t get out of where ever I got to and when I shut the machine down to get back to square one it brings me right back to the lost place I was. Why does it seem to use up battery when I think it is off?

And then cloud and dropbox. One day I read about dropbox, downloaded it and uploaded my photos to it. Dropbox said the upload would take  five days. If I knew where dropbox was I would have snail mailed the files faster.

Really what I think it boils down to is this, I have been in Vermont too long to re-up with the rest of the world now. But I do I need to get better at this ‘device’ and synching to the cloud and everything else before I go back to work, I know what I look like being so easily bested by these things.

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