Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Most days I do a word thing when I wake up. I choose a ‘word of the day’. Persevere has been the word over and over again since August 28th.  I’d get out of bed thinking, again? At night before I go to sleep I think about the word and see how it set the tone for the day or helped me navigate a situation or would have helped me if I had remembered to think about it.

Yesterday’s word was surprise. I’d never had that word before. I arrived at the dam for the dark sunrise dog walk before Jennifer. While standing on the dam looking down the hill, I heard this really odd sound, like something driving through the trees and hitting everyone of them, clack, clack, clack, loud. Of course it was really still quite dark. Rosie and I stood there staring into the black woods frightened and dumbfounded. Believe me, this is how the word of the day thing sometimes works, I was indeed, surprised.

The noise stopped, nothing came out of the woods at us and I figured it was probably a moose or a buck with a big itchy rack rubbing against the trees. Hmm, I thought, I got my word of the day out of the way early.

On with my busy day I went. I was at the gallery hanging outdoor winter lights when a fellow came up to me with a big camera on his shoulder.

I chuckled when I went to bed last night, I guess the day had more surprises in store, on tv! I didn’t even fluff my hair.

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