Monday, November 21, 2011


Beauty is a broad subject. My business is beauty. Why it is so important to us I can’t succinctly say, but I can say we humans love sharing a sense of beauty with one another.

My dog Rosie is a beauty. The rescue group even named her ‘Beauty’. Rose just turned two, and I looked at her and thought, hmmm, has she grown up to look like an ordinary little black dog?

Later that very day, Rose and I walked to the General Store. As we approached a woman pulled up in her car and came right over to us, “What a beautiful dog, oh my gosh such beautiful eyes" and so on went the conversation.

I beamed, I know I did, and I know if my friends could have seen me they would have rolled their eyes.

But the reason for beaming is maybe a little different than what we might first think. Rosie is a lot like the gallery, it’s not that I take credit for Rosie’s beauty, it's that Rosie is a vehicle for a heartwarming exchange of beauty with a stranger, that’s what I do with paintings at the gallery, it’s why I love it so.

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