Friday, January 20, 2012

Please Wait


Both my camera and my phone constantly give me a screen that says "Please Wait".  Those were the words in my head when I came back from the walk this morning and I was adding antlers on the Hobby Horse.

Every morning, every single morning except for today, I wait for Jen to drive away first. This morning the walk ended early as the road had the surface of a bottle and I kept falling even with ice grippers on. When we got back to our cars Jen realized she had dropped her glove. I waited, she picked it up and headed for her car. We had parked just off 100 at the beginning of the Dam Road instead of driving all the way in, I hollered good bye, turned around and drove away as Jen was getting into her car.

Hardly does Jen call me at work but she did and yes, I should have waited. Jen had gotten stuck and after much ado, wound up using her windshield scrapper to mar the road to get enough traction to move the car. And yes from now on, I will wait.

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