Friday, August 9, 2013

Eagle at the Lake

Eagle at the lake yesterday. A bald eagle here is a treat. This one’s tail and head are impeccably white and the bird is of good size but not monstrous. The bird is exactly what I picture when I think of our iconic eagles. Very different from the bald eagles I saw in Wrangell, Alaska. There the bald eagles gathered at the dump. Like seagulls, like vultures, like the scavenger/opportunists that big birds of prey, in fact, are.

The locals spoke of them the way I grew up thinking about pigeons swarming after peanuts in Boston Common. Later in that same life, I walked the Common with a Midwesterner who had never seen a pigeon. ‘Oh my god what are those gorgeous birds, oh my god look at that one and on and on’.

Happens all the time.

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