Thursday, August 30, 2012

Remembering and Forgetting

In truth, she can be a wild one.

The Church bells ringing at seven on Tuesday surprised me even though I knew of the plan to ring them statewide. I was caught carrying the compost out to the compost pile as the bells pealed from the Jacksonville Church up the street. Somehow I had forgotten about the anniversary bells, just as I had forgotten how surprised I was by the little river in front of my house on that day last August. The depth of my flood surprise might be akin to my little Rosie deciding I look like dinner. Yes, theoretically, I know that could happen, but not to me and my dog, right? 

However these things work of who forgets what so who can be surprised, I am grateful for the bells on Tuesday, they were a sweet touch and the perfect short, sharp, bittersweet reminder.

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